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Some Tips and Suggestions for the Users Opting for Furniture Storage

Many times, a need may be there to store your excess furniture or to dump the old furniture to get more functional space at home or office. It will not be a good idea to simply dump it off as many of these pieces may become useful in future. So, the ideal solution is to find a comfortable space to store it without wasting available floor space at home. Here comes the usage of a good furniture storage facility.

Short Term Storage

Furniture Storage

There are many types of storage options and self storage is now the primary choice of many home owners and business administrators. These storage units are equipped with the latest technology equipment and amenities to ensure maximum protection to your goods and optimum safety.

There are also advanced climate-controlled storage units now, which will minimise any damage that can happen to your valuable furniture at any weather conditions or due to harmful animals and pests. The major things one should keep in mind before choosing furniture storage is to properly pack all the furniture to retain its shape, colour, and finish. Some important aspects to check during furniture storage are;

  • Try to raise the units for storing furniture a little above the ground level, which will help save the contents from flooding.
  • Cover the furniture with plastic covering and cotton clothes, which can help keep the dust away and also to retain its natural charm.
  • Ensure optimum use of storage space available to you by properly stacking the components as like standing sofas and mattresses etc.
  • Disassemble the furniture if possible so that various parts can be stored separately.
  • Bubble wrapping has to be done adequately in order to protect the corners and edges of the furniture.
  • Always keep the artwork items and mirrors etc. upright. Also mark them as fragile.
  • Ensure that any items you are leaving in the storage unit are completely dry as moisture may cause growth of mould and ultimately ruin the furniture.
  • Consider whether the doors to the storage facility are wide enough to bring in all your furniture easily without being damaged.
  • Check whether the separating walls between the lockers are sturdy and secure.
  • Ensure that there is no leakage through the roof and walls of the storage unit, which may damage your furniture.

Other essentials to consider

It is ideal to consider a drive-up storage unit, which makes  it easier for you to easily load and unload the heavy furniture. There are also storage units offering carts and elevators for easy movement of heavy goods.

There are climate-controlled storage facilities now, which help to prevent any damages to the furniture due to climatic changes. Most of the furniture storage units will be installed with dehumidifiers.

Usually, furniture storage space is rented out on a monthly basis, but you can also ask for short term storage if that it the need. The cost may vary based on the size of the unit, facilities available, as well as the duration of the storage etc.

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