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we are an authorised insurance representative (number 317340) and we can arrange insurance for any part of our services including storage insurance.

The Most Trusted Adelaide Removalist Company

At Delco Removals, a long-time trusted local removal company, our goal is to provide superior moving services with an upfront detailed breakdown of the cost involved with moving. Whether you’re moving only a few items around the corner or into storage, or an entire home interstate, our expert Adelaide furniture removalists will deliver an affordable stress-free move everytime.

You can depend on Delco Removals to move you with care; delivering a safe, affordable, stress-free move… for total peace of mind. That’s why it comes as no surprise to us, when we have been referred to as a leading Adelaide removalist and storage company.

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How Much Will It Cost?

You may be asking yourself the question, just how much will it cost me to get the job done? Well, unlike most (if not all) furniture removal business or removal companies, Delco Removals strives to provide an easy to understand and speedy Quotation Process.

In just a matter of a few minutes… you’ll be on your way to receiving a customised quote that will bring you closer to relaxation, knowing that your big or small move is all taken care of from one of the leading movers Adelaide.

Deciding Not To Move With Us

Be aware of extremely low quotes, this may result in it being one of the most expensive moves you have ever done.

It’s heartbreaking when we listen to those tragic stories…all they were looking for was a ‘bargain’ priced removalist company. Well, they definitely found it. So the moral of the story is…what you don’t pay for in dollars, you will often pay for in stress and heartbreak.

Delco Removals Is Adelaide's Safest Home Mover

Moving house is undoubtedly the most time consuming and agonising part of starting a new chapter in life. Because let’s face it… it’s more work than the average individual can take on! Not to mention, the stress! The torture of having to carry furniture up the stairs, praying that the new home doesn’t get damaged or the furniture arrives in one piece. Not to mention, the never-ending stress of whether or not you’ll get it all done before you have to return the rental or handover at settlement.

Moving in Adelaide Has Never Been This Easy

To avoid damage and stress, your best bet is to hire a team of professional furniture removals that live and breathe this industry. That’s where Delco Removals comes into play, we are the most qualified Home Movers in Adelaide that take pride and care in their service and guarantee that your precious goods and belongings are taken care of throughout the entire relocation process.

20 Years Home Moving Experience, That You Can Count On

local removals trucksWith more than 27 years of Home Moving experience in Adelaide SA, both commercial, Government and household removals, we take pride in maintaining the strong and respected name we’ve worked so hard to build by providing our clients with a professional, efficient,caring and personalised service. The team here at Delco Removals first kicked off as being family owned by a father and his two sons, since then they have expanded from one truck to a fleet of 7 vehicles.

In the time, we’ve really perfected the craft of ensuring that every item is handled with the utmost care. That is why, each item is strategically wrapped in to our furniture pads and and we ensure things are placed in the correct position when loading. This is to guarantee that everything comes out of the trucks and modules in pristine condition, as if these were never shifted from their original place.

This Is What Experience Gets You

Throughout the years of moving and relocations, Delco Removals have seen every possible scenario in the book. This is how our knowledge and experience has been gained. This brings with it a symbol of authority, as it highlights not only experience they’ve earned, but also the wisdom that has been acquired to deliver a safe and successful move every time. What’s even better… is that they’ve managed to instil a system that is so time efficient and cost effective that it knocks the socks off everyone else!

So, the next time you even begin to think about moving, ANYWHERE! Don’t even give it a second thought about what Removalists Adelaide team to hire.

Our Services

furniture removalist in south australiaYour One-Stop Shop For All Adelaide Removals

Is the stress slowly building up? Are you finding it difficult to grab the tape because it all seems overwhelming?

Here at Delco Removals, we offer a comprehensive set of removal services that are designed to cater for every move. We want to help you by eliminating all of the work involved with moving, because I’m sure you would much rather focus on things that aren’t so taxing on the body and mind. Instead, we want you to be in a relaxed state throughout the entire process.

Whether you are moving interstate or just around the corner. Delco Removals is always striving to deliver a quality furniture removals and experience to their customers. Being a family owned & run business, you can rest knowing that all of your personal belongings will be handled with the utmost care and respect from start to finish, leaving you with complete peace of mind.

We Remove The Feeling of Uncertainty With Moving

Delco Removals wants to make your next move in Adelaide a smooth experience by offering a complimentary service of coming to your home for a FREE inspection, so that we are able to deliver you with an accurate, tailored quote that is specific to your situation, whether it be for Removals Adelaide, Interstate Removals or storage.

Plan your next move with us, the friendly team at Delco Removals will assure you that we’ll go above and beyond to comprehensively meet your removalist needs and deliver a cost-efficient quote that leaves you feeling satisfied after it’s all done.

As mentioned earlier, Delco Removals are easily the most versatile Removalists in Adelaide. So, go on and check out our services below and get in contact with us today on how we can make your next move as swift and painless as possible.

  • Free Onsite Inspections
  • Pre-packing Services
  • Long and Short Term Storage
  • Interstate Removalist
  • Office Removalist
  • Piano Removalist
  • Local Removalists

So go ahead and fill out a personalised quote so that we can make this entire process easier for everyone.

About Delco Removals & Storage

Home Moving Experts

Graham and Andrew Dellow are brothers and have worked in the transport industry for over 40 years.

Graham and Andrew started the business over 20 years ago with their Dad, Eric. Eric has since retired.

Over the last 20 years the boys have built a strong and respected name in the industry and take great pride in providing our clients with a professional, efficient and personalised service.

We have grown form starting with one truck to a fleet now of 7 vehicles.

The office staff are also family, with Jan (Grahams Wife) our office manager having over 20 years industry experience and her daughter Vanessa, our operations manager, who has 26 years’ experience in the transport and furniture removal industry.

The rest of our team are professionally trained and work to a very high standard.
For more information on our local/ interstate removalist services to/from Adelaide and short term storage solutions, contact us for a FREE online removalist quote today.

The rest of our team are professionally trained and work to a very high standard.