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Considering the Option of Temporary Storage During the Move

If you are planning for a move, the most frustrating aspect of it is to safely carry your goods from one place to another. Meanwhile, you also may also have to find a temporary storage solution if there is a delay in moving to the new place after leaving the old. At such times, finding a temporary storage facility is the ideal solution to seek for.

Not just in case of moving, but temporary storage comes handy in various other scenarios too as to keep your household items during renovation or paining etc. Businessmen also may need temporary storage solutions to store office goods.

There are many temporary storage service providers, offering different packages to individuals and business users.


How to execute temporary storage?

It is much easier now to do temporary storage as there are portable storage units available, which the service provides may bring to your home or office to get things loaded easily. Once after deciding the size of portal storage unit required, you can call the provider who can deliver the unit at your place.

Once the storage unit is there at your driveway, you can start filling the unit by stacking your items. This has to be done in a logical way as instructed by the storage service professional. They may also extend their service to loading the unit on request.

After loading

Once the storage unit is loaded with content, you can again call the company who will pick up your filled unit. This will be stacked on to their climate controlled storage facility. It is ideal for you to visit the storage facility also once before booking a service to check if it is secured enough to hold your valuables.

There is no need to sign a long-term storage contract with the temporary storage service providers.

You can rent a unit for a minimum time period of one day to any extent of time.

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Delco Removals have depots located in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and the Gold Coast for secure temporary, short term and long term storage solutions during your transition.

Our team of removalists specialists will bring our specially designed and constructed storage modules directly to your home, wrap and load all your furniture directly into the module before heading off.