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Awesome Techniques That Will Help You Have a Wonderful Time Moving with Kids (A Super Parent Moving Guide)

Ready, Steady and Go!

When adults themselves have a difficult time moving even if they hire professional movers in Adelaide, just imagine how difficult it would be for the children?

Goodbyes to toys, old friends, schools, and teachers are overwhelming for kids and therefore moving is not easy for them. It is very important to ensure that you prepare them for relocation.

Sudden behaviour changes, throwing tantrums and anger are a certain reaction that you may expect once you give them this news. Worry not! We will help you get through this.

One of the best ways to do so is to turn this process into an adventure. Making them involved in the shifting helps them to accept and process the changes. You must make them understand that you are all in this together as a family.

This can also be an excellent opportunity for you to augment the bonding as a family.

We decided to come up with this article to showcase a few tips and tricks that would make your moving process with children, a joyous journey.

Our subsequent sections will showcase some of the tried and tested methods that you could implement during relocation.

We can assure you that once you are done reading this article, you will be excited and happy about moving with your kids.

Let us move to the next section that will be of great value to your moving experience with kids.

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Children usually follow your lead

Whether you are dealing with a toddler or a 5-year-old kid or a teenager, the majority of the times they follow your lead. So, whenever you talk about moving, show them that you are thrilled about it and looking forward to getting in your new home.

Children are very smart and can sense your feelings based on your views about relocation. You can expect some imitation of your behaviour in them as you go along.

You must talk to them about their new rooms, new friends and a new school to get them excited about it. The only purpose of this should be to have them look forward to the new environment.

Answer to Their Questions in Assuring Manner As This Would Get Them More Involved

If your kids are of the age where they can express by talking, then make sure that you answer to their doubts.

Talking to them about moving and answering all their question is important if you want them to be excited about the new place.

Make a list of possible questions that they might have, like, about making new friends, or the new school, or new teachers. And try to give answers that are comforting to them.

Involve Your Kids in Packing to Get Them Excited about the Moving Stage

Once you are done preparing them for their new residence, it’s time to make them realise that it is going to happen soon.

One of the best ways to do so is to get them involved in packing. Of course, you should give them age-appropriate tasks.

You can start by giving them small tasks like having them pack their toys and other belongings in a box.

If they are too young to do it by themselves, then you can give them simpler tasks like taping the boxes. How about you just make them a fort? It would add to their excitement.

Prepare Them to Donate Their Old Belongings So That You Have To Carry Minimal Stuff to the New Place

We realise that you do not want to carry all your children’s stuff to your new residence. Some of them would be just of no use anymore and it is best to give them away.

Kids are very possessive of their belongings. It will not be easy for them to give up their toys, books, clothes, etc.

It is important to get this done willingly otherwise they will start resenting the entire decision to move and have a hard time at a new place.

This would be a very good time to explain to them how the old stuff is going to make other kids happy. Additionally, if you want you can tell them about getting new things after donating. Well, who doesn’t like a gift?

This way they will look forward to their new home with new goodies.

Prioritise Vaccination and Medication Before You Move to Your New Home

This is one of the most important things to do while you prepare to move. Talk to your child’s doctor about it to gain some insight. Have them vaccinated as per the schedule.

If they are on any medication, then keep those medicines handy at all times.

People moving with infants are advised to prioritise this step as babies might have a hard time during transit. Also, the weather conditions of the new place might have an impact on their heat

Your doctor will be able to provide the best guidance about it, so talk to them soonest possible. It will help you to prepare yourself and your newborn in the best possible way.

On The Moving Day

Wake them up early. ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes the moving parent smart, efficient and wise!’

Since they would be up early, it is possible that they would nap a lot during the transit. It will make things easier for you to manage.

Just make sure that the food, medicines, toys, games, diapers, seat, etc. are all kept handy. The smaller your kid, the more preparation you will have to do in advance.

Take care of all the things that you might need on the journey to keep your child comfortable.

Make Sure That You Follow These Simple Things after Reaching the New Home

Make a big deal after reaching a new home to get everyone excited. This would be a new life for them and we are sure that you will want them to start it with a big smile on their faces.

Let them go their respective rooms and have a feel of it. It is very important that they feel happy and welcomed. Give them some freedom to run around before you start arranging your stuff.

This would also be a good time to give them a present or a gift to make them go Hooray!

Concluding Thoughts

It won’t be easy but it sure can be fun if you follow the simple steps mentioned in this article.

Moving is not just challenging for you, but also your kids. We created this write-up to make things a tini-tiny easier for you and your family.

We wish you a pleasant and a HICKORY DICKORY Journey!

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