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What Is Self Storage? Some Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Self storage is a flexible and easy-to-access temporary storage facility, which you can make use of while moving to a new home or trying to free up some space at home or office. The major advantage of self storage is that you can have easy access to your goods anytime you want. Here are some frequently asked questions about self storage.

Short and Long Term Storage

Who is benefited from self-storage?

Self storage is an ideal solution for the;
  • Homeowners planning to move to a new home or going out for a vacation.
  • Professional moving to a new city for work.
  • Business owners looking for extra storage to de-clutter office space.
  • Homeowners planning for home improvement, re-furnishing, or painting with the need to temporary shift household

What all items can be stored at self storage?

Almost all types of goods can be stored at self-storage as;
  • Furniture
  • Office files
  • Sports and fitness equipment
  • Paper clutter
  • Wine
  • Clothing
  • Home furnishing
  • Electronic goods
  • Garden equipment
  • Automobiles etc

Is there good security?

The users need to ensure the security of individual storage units to choose while choosing a reliable option. One should remember that just security gates and padlock will not offer optimum security from burglars and other threats. There is a high chance of inside thefts in self-storage units. This means burglars may act as regular customers an gain access to the unit.

Modern day storage units have advanced security features like burglar alarms, security surveillance cameras, telephone and SMS alert system if someone access your storage unit.

What types of self-storage facilities are there?

The two major types of self storage facilities are;

  • Indoor storage : These are climate controlled storage facilities with insulated walls. Such units ensure more security against theft, fire, and other risks.
  • Shed storage – These are basic storage facilities which are not temperature regulated or insulated. For storing basic, items this is the cheapest option.

You also need to consider the location, accessibility, size of the unit, and price quoted by different providers to compare the options in hand and get hold of the best storage service.

If what you need are temporary storage, you should look for companies offering those kinds of services. These facilities have areas that are easier to navigate and store. Putting the boxes in and out are easy. They also have climate control system to resist the humidity.

The size and type should be considered as well. They have different packages for different purpose.

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