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A Step-by-Step Guide on Moving House Utilities Checklist (A Seven Day Feat)

Utilities Checklist

The Perfect Start

Once you are moving from one apartment to another, one important item on your moving to-do list is to transfer utility services.

The task may seem to be a little overwhelming if you have got a number of utilities to transfer.

These include but are not limited to the need to file a change of address form at the post office, let your family, friends, and employers know about your new address and not to forget changing your address on any subscriptions.

Apart from this, you want to avail the services of running water, electricity, cable, internet and other services from the day one you enter your new place.

There can even be the case of moving utilities as well.

It is equally important to transfer the utilities which is certainly not a fun task.

There is a need to contact your utility service providers before moving to a new house.

This needs to be done before scheduling a transfer or installation date.

It is imperative to have a moving house utilities checklist with you all the time to ensure that you do not miss out on essential utilities once you move to the new house.

To make your task easier, in the upcoming sections in this write-up, we have covered a step-by-step process that will help you create a handy moving house utilities checklist within a week’s time.

We promise that after reading this write-up you will have adequate knowledge of creating a handy moving house utilities checklist quite easily.

Before we move forward with the steps it is important to understand the reason that makes it important to have a handy moving house utilities checklist with you.

The most critical reason is that you want to avail uninterrupted services of gas, electricity, and water, especially during cold winters.

Your heating system will require both gas and electricity to function properly.

If you lose heat during a super cool spell your water pipes may freeze and break which might cause apocalyptic damage to your house.

There are times when you may need to keep your old house which can be due to delayed or cancelled closings. During such times you want your heat – gas, and electricity to function properly.

Now, that you are aware of the importance of having a moving house utility checklist as promised it is time to look at the different steps that will help you to achieve this feat in seven days.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Create a List

Things to Consider

Manage Your Utilities

Steps to Transfer

Parting Thoughts!

Step 1 – Create a List of Utilities That You May Need to be Turned On Before Moving Into the New House: A Proactive Measure to Ensure that You Get Essential Utilities Before Moving In

setup utilities while moving new house
Want to set up utilities while moving into a new house but do not know where to start?

If yes, we can help.

Setting up utilities can be a tedious task.

But, do not worry as we will provide you with the exact details of where to get started.

In this section, we will discuss the different list of utilities that you may need to be turned on before moving into the new house.

But, before we dive into the details it is important to understand that turning on utilities for the first time is a challenging task.

Even if you have got an apartment that includes the cost of utilities, always ensure that you check your lease to see whether you or your landlord is responsible for activating them.

Now, as promised let us divert our attention to the comprehensive list of utilities that you may need to be turned on before moving in.

Turn on the Electricity By Setting Up an Account with a Provider in Your Area to Avoid any Inconvenience

It is extremely vital to have your electricity turned on when you arrive at your new house.

Always ensure that it is activated before your move-in date.

Remember, electricity powers your kitchen appliances, the lights, the HVAC, your phone and much more – so the most important thing for you is to ensure that you set up an account with a provider in your area for a smooth transition.

Contact a Provider to Turn On the Gas Before Moving Into Your New House In Case Your House Requires Both Electricity and Gas for A Smooth Transition Period

There are certain apartments that are all electric while others require both electricity and gas.

If your house requires both electricity and gas you will need to inquire about opening an account.

The interesting part: There are certain houses that consist of HVAC systems that employ electricity to cool down the house, and gas to turn on the heat.

It is also important to note that your stove, range, and water heater also require gas.

This makes it all the more necessary to contact a provider to turn on the gas before moving into your new house for a smooth transition period.

Open an Account with A Phone Service Provider to Add A Landline for Uninterrupted Telephonic Conversation While Moving into A New House

Today, mobile phones have become a necessity.

Irrespective of whether you prefer to go wireless or find comfort in having a landline too, you may need to ensure that you have either transferred or opened an account with a phone service provider.

In case, you wish to add a landline connection and already have someone in your mind as a provider, call them up or use Google to search for their website to add the service.

Make a Phone Call to the TV and Internet Technician Couple of Days Prior to Moving In to Ensure That they are Scheduled to Arrive Immediately When You Move In for Uninterrupted Services

There are lots of providers that offer bundles of deals for television and internet.

It is therefore important to select a provider of your choice and schedule for an appointment early since technicians are not easily available.

In case you are not in a rush, you can probably wait till you have unpacked a little.

If you are like us and cannot wait, make the phone call a few days prior to moving so that the technician is scheduled to arrive immediately when you move in for uninterrupted services.

Turn on the Water One Day Prior to Moving Into Your New House to Ensure There is Ample of Water Supply When You Arrive

Water is the most essential utility that you will ever need when you move to a new house.

Before you move into the new house ensure that the water is turned on.

During the walk-through ensure that it works by turning on the faucet and letting it run for a few minutes so that the gunk gets rinsed out.

Call your City’s Utility Services to Set Up Your Account for Trash to Ensure Smooth Functioning of Your New House

In case, your account requires you to have your own account for trash, call your city’s utility services to set one up.

Also, inquire about the types of bins to be used for trash and recycling and the day that you need to set it out.

Did you know?

There are certain communities that might include a collective utility cost for water and trash to ensure that you do not have to set up a separate account for trash.

Now, that you have a list of utilities that need to be turned on before moving into a new house in the next step we will look at some of the important things to consider when setting utilities in your new apartment.

Step 2 – Things to Consider When Setting Up Utilities for Your New Apartment (Pointers That You Do Not Wish to Miss!)

Things to Consider before move

Do you have any idea what it takes to set up utilities for your new apartment?

If no, we can help you answer this question.

It is a great feeling to move to a new house.

But, before that, you need to deal with certain utilities that can make your life easier when you move to a new house.

This includes a list of things that you need to consider when setting up utilities for your new apartment.

In this section, we have provided a list which will help you take the wise decision while setting up utilities for your new apartment.

Let’s not wait any more time and dive into the details straight away.

Save your Valuable Time and Money By Simply Transferring the Utility Service Rather than Setting Up a New Account In Case your Existing Utility Company Provides Service to Your New Apartment

In case, you find that your existing utility service provides service to your new location, instead of setting up a new utility account transfer the service.

This will save your valuable time and money in comparison to starting a new utility service.

We have discussed the details of transferring Utility Services When Moving to a New House in one of our upcoming sections so keep reading!

Also don’t forget to check out the information about relocating to South Australia.

Be Mentally Prepared to Pay a Security Deposit As a Part of Security Check by Certain Utility Services to Ensure that You Have the Acumen of Paying of the Security Services At The New House

While setting up an account, certain utility companies conduct a credit check to evaluate whether you need to pay a security deposit.

These deposit amounts may vary depending on your credit history and previous usage.

Generally, it has been observed that a typical deposit is approximately one or two times of your monthly bill.

Start the Process of Setting Up Utility Services Early to Ensure that You Do Not End Up Moving Into a Cold, Dark Apartment

It may typically take roughly three days to a maximum of two weeks to get the thing set up.

The best thing: To start off early.

Remember, you do not want to end up moving into a cold, dark apartment and find out there is no utility service available.

Determine Whether You Can Be Present When The Utility is Turned On to Ensure that Everything is Hunky Dory When You Shift to the New House

Always try to, first of all, find out whether you can actually be present when the utility is turned on.

In case you do not have adequate time, inquire from the property manager whether he/she can be present for the service call.

You can even take out time on your day off to deal with your utilities or schedule the appointment during the weekends.

In case, you are relocating in summer, open all the windows and turn on the heat to ensure that it works properly.

Continue reading: Test the internet and phone lines, in case you have a landline.

In case you are using natural gas in the new house, walk around the house and smell for any leaks.

Get all your fixtures including the faucets, heaters and gas stoves to tune up and ensure that they are functioning properly.

Do this before you get a water bill that reflects a leak!

This way once you can overlook the situation when the utility is turned on it will make it easier for you to have a pleasant life in your new house.

Change Your Postal Address to the New House to Stay on Top of Any Notices Regarding Your Utilities

It is extremely vital to get your mails forwarded to your new apartment.

The primary reason being, it ensures that you are always on top of any notices about your utilities received in the form of a mail.

Thankfully, today with the advancement in technology you are not required to visit the post office anymore.

It is possible to change your address online .

Before making the possible change of your postal address, inform someone from your neighbourhood that you trust to receive important documents.

You can even set up a temporary P.O. Box in your new hometown.

Either way, never leave these kinds of postal mails to the fates of our mail system!

Now that you have glanced over these tips it is time to implement them.

In the next section, we will throw light on managing your utilities while moving to a new house.

Step 3 – Manage Your Utilities While Moving to a New House (Important Tips for Smooth Transition of Utility Services)

Keeping All the Documents Handy

Do you want to accidentally go without power a day before you move to the new house or get billed for utilities that you didn’t use in the old house?

Nobody likes that, isn’t it?

In this section, we will throw some light on some of the tips that will help you manage your utilities properly while moving to a new house

Let us dive into the details:

Get all Your Utility Information Organised By Keeping All the Documents Handy in Ready for Use Form

It is very easy to ignore all the paperwork involved in availing the utility services but when the electricity company inquires about your account number you will be in a fix.

To avoid this scenario, it is important to have all the information pertaining to your utilities in an organised manner.

This includes all the significant account numbers, billing information, and records that are necessary to set up your utility services.

When moving to a new apartment you will need to provide a copy of your lease or title papers as proof of residency.

Always have a few copies on hand to be on the safer side!

Ensure that Your Utility Account is in Good Standing While Moving to the New House to Ensure no Surprise Fees of your Old House at a Later Date

It is extremely vital to ensure that your utility account is in good standing while moving to a new house.

Keep this in mind: Ensure that you pay all the outstanding dues including late fees, bills or other charges so that you do not hear from the utility company after months have passed.

While you are making necessary arrangements to try and shut off your utility account ensure that your account is in good standing so that there is no surprise fees of your old house at a later date.

Before Shifting to the New House Conduct a Final Meter Reading to Ensure that It Does Not Include the Electrical or Gas Bill of the Recently Shifted New Tenants

You need to discontinue and switch off any utility service before shifting to the new house.

This is quite significant as most of the time electricity and gas utility technicians do not come on time unless you specifically request a reading.

It will ensure that your final bill does not include the electrical or gas bill of the new tenants who have recently been in your old house since last two weeks.

The best part?

One final meter reading just before your departure to your new house will put all these doubts to rest and you can then become worry-free and enjoy your life at the new venue.

Now that you are aware of the tips to manage your utilities while moving to a new house in the next section we will highlight the process of transferring utility services.

Step 4 – Steps to Transfer Utility Services When Moving to a New House (A Significant Factor)

Transfer Utility Services

Even though transferring utility services does not take much of a time it is nevertheless a very significant factor while moving to a new house.

It usually takes a handful of phone calls and filling in certain documents like water, electricity, and other services at your old house.

But, if you do not take the necessary actions on time these utility services can get turned off at your old house while you are residing in it or not turned on by the time you move to your new apartment.

If you do not handle this process properly, chances are you may incur additional time and unexpected expenses.

In the worst case scenario, you may end up in your new apartment unpacking your stuff in the dark or paying for services which did not use at all (as discussed in our previous section).

To avoid such unpleasant situations, in this section we have discussed certain steps that will help you to transfer your utility services on a timely basis.

Let us divert our attention to the steps.

Jot down a list of utilities that You are Likely to Change When Moving to a New Apartment by Considering the Importance and Benefits of Each of the Service You are Currently Availing

The very first step is to prepare a list of utility services that you are currently availing.

Ensure that you have the contact details of all the service providers so that you can call them up and inform them to cancel the utilities or transfer to the new home.

These utility services may include the following:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Home security
  • Internet
  • Satellite or cable television
  • Telephone
  • Waste removal

Note: This list is not exhaustive and you can include more utility services as required.

Once your list is ready, contemplate on the importance and benefit of each and every service you are currently paying for.

Stress on this: Ponder on the utilities that you require and want.

Also, think whether you would like to have some changes in any services that you are currently availing.

Think about your priority.

It is not possible for you to live in a new apartment without electricity and water so you will have to opt for this utility service.

Always think where you can save money like do you want to opt out of a landline connection or for that matter do you at all need a cable connection when you move to a new location.

Once you have made the decision, create a list of utilities that you will like to have in your new apartment and take down notes if any utility service needs to be transferred to the new locality.

Do the Groundwork by Exploring Different Service Providers for your Utility Service in your New Vicinity

In case you are moving at a short distance, it is possible to continue to services of the same utility service providers that you are currently using.

This makes for the best possible scenario as it will become extremely easy for you to transfer the utilities to your new apartment.

The only thing that you will need is to send a request at the ultimate day of service at your old place and the first day of service at the new one.

The positive part?

You will be able to continue with the same accounts without any additional cancellation or connection fees.

But, in case you are shifting to a new city or state, your new area may not be serviced by your current utility service providers.

In such a scenario, you will have to cancel the utility services at your old home and set up utilities from scratch in your new home with new providers.

Please note: If you are moving to a new apartment there might be certain utility services that will be pre-established by the building.

Take guidance of your property manager to find out the best utility providers for your apartment.

In case you are moving into a single apartment, ask the previous owners and the new neighbours about the local providers and best deals you can avail in that vicinity.

If you are renting, take the help of your landlord to find out if there are any utility services that are included in the rest and any restrictions or recommendations on selecting a particular service provider for the utility services.

Avail the comprehensive information pertaining to the utility companies and service providers on the official city and state websites.

Also remember, there are certain states that have deregulated electricity and natural gas services which gives you ample options to select the best plans and service providers.

Before signing up with a particular provider, do proper research to save plenty of cash and time or to select an environmentally friendly option.

Select the Best Utility Provider By Asking Appropriate Questions To Them Regarding the Transfer

If you have choice ensure that you select the best utility services provider by using these tips.

Inquire from previous residents of your new apartment, new neighbours, and your real estate agent how happy they are with the services that they have received.

In case, they have faced problems ask them how soon were they resolved and what was the average monthly bill for the utility services availed amongst others.

Visit the utility companies websites to check what do they offer.

Read their customer reviews to gauge their services.

Alternatively, you can even join local forums to get feedback from their current customers of the companies.

The next step? Once you are done with the preliminary research, prepare a list of phone numbers of the utility services provider that suit your requirement and preferences.

Call them up and ask them pertinent questions like:
  • How much you do charge for commencing a service?
  • Do you require any deposit?
  • Do you offer any special discount or deals for seniors, first-time consumers, residents of a particular community, etc?
  • Is it necessary for me to stay at home when the utility is being set up?

Compare the offers and select the service providers that provide the highest quality services at cost-effective prices.

Take Care of Certain Essential Things While Cancelling Utilities and Setting Up New Utility Services in Your New Apartment

While moving to the new house, ensure that you return any types of equipment promptly that you might have availed to access the utility service like a modem, satellite dish etc.

Do not forget this: Collect the deposit money that you paid to the utility services provider at the first time of availing the service. This money can be used as a start-up fee for new utility deposits for the new apartment.

Parting Thoughts!

At last, you have your moving house utilities checklist with you. Now, is the time for you to implement the things mentioned in this guide.

In case, you need any help with removalists services in Adelaide contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you further with your specific moving needs! We also provide storage service in Adelaide.