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Moving Heavy Objects and Furniture

It would be great when you have professional movers to help you carry things, right? These guys know proper lifting techniques, which makes their job more efficient.

What’s in the article:

But it’s not always that you’ll professional help with heavy lifting and moving heavy object or furniture. We made this article to give you practical tips for moving heavy furniture.

Keep reading to learn more, and if you have questions, feel free to reach out.

Tip 1: Create a plan

plan moving furniture

Do you want to replicate what the professional movers are doing? You need to create a plan that will make your task more efficient but safe.

Firstly, you need to figure out the sequence of the things you want to be loaded into the moving truck. Generally, you would need to put the heavy furniture and bed frames at the back end of the truck. Other heavy items can be placed at the sides. At the center, you will place all lighter items.

In that case, when you’ll be unloading your belongings, you’ll be carrying the heavier items first. And then, later on, it will be the lighter ones.

Tip 2: Map out your new home

new home simple techniques

It must be included in your plan to map out your new home. You need to have an idea of where to place all those items you’ll be bringing inside. Pro movers also do this thing since some customers want them to assist in placing those items inside their new house. This can be an added service, which entails an additional cost to the client.

Tip 3: Prepare to move heavy furniture

one person lower and one person higher

If you’ll be moving a large furniture, it’s best if you can dismantle them if that’s possible. A few furniture these days are modular. You can disassemble them so that it’ll be easier for you to have them in a box.

You need to prepare your tools to remove those screws and bolts. This can be a screwdriver or a long nose pliers. Ensure you have storage for them so that you won’t have any trouble assembling them back.

If the legs of your couches and tables are detachable, then remove them. That way, it’ll be easier for you to move them through the door opening.

To avoid scratches, you can also wrap your furniture with a plastic wrap. Wrap them tightly around the joints and delicate parts of your items to give protection. In securing your items inside the truck, you can use moving blankets and moving straps.

You can also use plastic container covers for covering smaller items. This prevents dust and moisture to stick on their surfaces.

Tip 4: Prepare your moving tools

professional mover using tools

Heavy lifting is a serious job that pro movers do all the time. They have simple techniques that make their work more efficient and less stressful. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to suffer from a bad backpain, right?

There are many simple tools you can use that can help in carrying heavy loads. This includes lifting straps, furniture sliders, mattress sling, and furniture dolly.

Furniture Sliders

You will use this item to smoothly slide your couches and bed frames on the floor. You will place it underneath each leg of the furniture. It reduces friction while protecting the foot of the leg from scratches.

Mattress Sling

Using this tool, it will be easier for a two person job of carrying a mattress up and down a few stairs. Regardless of mattress size, this sling helps make it safer and more efficient to carry the mattress.

Furniture Dolly

A furniture or moving dolly is an L-shaped cart that can either have two or four wheels. It has a flat platform where you can place heavy furniture so that it’ll be easier for you to carry. You can use it to move your fridge, appliances, couches, and carpets.

Two Person Shoulder Dolly

A shoulder dolly is a stretchable strap that is attached to your shoulder. The heavy item you want to carry is attached to the dolly leaving your hands free and able to assist in lifting properly. It’s your legs and torso that are exerting force to carry the item, which reduces the risk of back pains.

There is a one-person dolly, but using the two-person shoulder dolly is safer. The load will be divided among the two people carrying the heavy furniture.

Tip 5: How to properly lift heavy furniture

two man carrying a fridge or move heavy furniture

Oftentimes, you’re left with one option to use your large muscle groups in moving heavy items. In that case, you need to have an idea of how to properly lift things. This helps avoid any accident while moving things on a flat surface or on stairs.

  • Keep your back straight and lift things using your legs and torso, not your arms.
  • As much as possible, carry items close to your body. That way, you can use your entire weight in carrying heavy loads instead of solely using your arm muscles.
  • Maintain a wide base, at least your legs are a shoulder wide apart. That way, you’re keeping your back straight while using your legs and torso in lifting objects.
  • If you’re lifting a heavy item from the ground, don’t bend your body, instead, bend your knees and keep your back straight.
  • To reduce stress on your back and arms, always carry heavy loads below your waist.
  • Having three or more people carrying heavy furniture is more efficient and safer. But you need to have a clear plan on how to do it.

Tip 6: High Low Method When Carrying Heavy Loads in Stairs

Use the high low method when carrying items on stairways. This is done by two people so that the weight of the load is evenly distributed as they carry it along the stairs. Moving big couch or a piano, heavy safe, a long mattress or a refrigerator.

heavy lifting a few items

How does it work?

If your partner is on the lower side of the stairway, he needs to lift the bottom surface of the furniture. The person on the higher stairs carries the object to its top surface. This is what is meant by the high low method.

If the legs of the furniture you’re carrying is detachable, it’s safer if you remove them. You’ll have an easier time carrying it up or down the stairs.

The high low method also roughly match the inclination of the stairs. This makes carrying tall dressers and cabinets easier when going up or down the stairs.

Tip 7: Curl Items Around the Corner

It’s challenging to move heavy furniture through the door frame. A technique most professional movers do is to “hook” it around the door.

To do that, you need to turn the chair to its side, so it goes like to an L-shape. Afterward, move back a bit, then curl the “L” section around the door frame. Once it comes out to the other side of the door, slowly move the chair forward until its entire body comes out to the other side of the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to move a heavy mattress?

Measure the dimension of your mattress and the possible narrowest space you will need to pass through upon moving it. Plan for the route of moving your mattress out from your house. After that, use a mattress sling, so it’ll be easier for you to carry it together with your sibling or spouse.

How to move a heavy sofa?

You will need to measure the size of your sofa and the narrowest space you will have to pass upon moving it out of your house. If the legs can be removed, detach them, and place them in a secure pouch or plastic bag. You can use the high low method and with the help of shoulder dolly.

Ask a Quote from the professional movers

Better if you get a free quote from a local mover before hiring them. Let them place the inclusions of their package, so you’re clear with expectations.

Hire A Professional Moving Service!

Transporting heavy items is a challenging task whether on flat surfaces or on stairs. If you don’t have the assistance of a professional moving company, these things we’re mentioning are going to be of great help.

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