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How To Hand-Pick the Correct Boxes to Help You Move (A Cost-Effective Way)

Good Planning Without Proper Execution Is Of No Use

Getting Goosebumps? We understand how confusing the task of packing can get if you do not have proper road-map.

Sure, you must have created a plan to follow during this process. But a plan bears no significance without implementation.

Packing is the most important chore when you plan to shift. It all begins with finding the right boxes to pack your household items

Getting the cartons that meet your expectation and fits your budget, is challenging. This article aims at providing valuable insights that would save your time, money and efforts to get proper boxes to pack up your stuff.

If you want to have a stress free packing experience, then might we suggest that you take services of professional packers? A credible Adelaide furniture removals company provide an all-inclusive package that includes box- packing.

In the coming sections, you will find all the details that you need to know before you start purchasing boxes.

We assure you that after reading this write-up you will be able to purchase the most suitable packing boxes for shifting purpose.

You will also get a clear idea about where to find these boxes and how to ascertain your requirement. To make it easier, we have also explained about various type of boxes, in this article.

Read ahead and find out how to start working over this.

You Can Either Buy New Boxes or Opt for Used Ones, So Choose Wisely

Shifting itself is an expensive process. If you add the cost of purchasing boxes, then the total spending would go even higher.

As mentioned before, you can choose to take the services of an expert removalist who offers packing services.

They can analyse your requirement and send through appropriate boxes to pack. This, of course, comes at a cost.

You can also choose to order them online.

Another option is to get boxes without spending anything. You know what they say, ‘A penny saved, is a penny earned’.

Let us show you where you can find packing cartons for free:

  • Local grocery stores get their supplies in bulk. Guess, what do they do with their supply boxes? You can easily get them from free if you talk to them beforehand.
  • Liquor stores are other great places to find empty boxes.
  • You can also check Craigslist. Some so many people are looking to give away a lot of free stuff. If you are lucky, you might find your required boxes here at no cost.
  • Even bars and restaurants get their supplies in boxes which they ideally dispose of. You can check with them and find out if they can spare a few for you.
  • Do not forget to talk to your local book store. Since they get their books in packed cartons, you can easily find sturdy boxes that can be used to pack heavier items. Ask them if you have empty boxes or if they are expecting to get some in the coming days.
  • Recycling points are the other places that you should check out to get boxes without spending a dime.

Irrespective of where you get your boxes from, you must choose as per your requirement.

You Must Know the Various Types of Boxes to Determine Your Need

There are various types of packing boxes available in the market place. If you know their types, then the selection process becomes very easy.

Knowledge is the new rich, arm yourself with it!

Let us quickly check out the types of packing boxes:

  • Based on the size, there are three options:
    • Small moving boxes are usually preferred for items that are small in size but heavy. They are also known as book boxes. You can use them to keep small electrical items, books, or some other small but heavy stuff.
    • Medium moving boxes are used to keep medium-sized stuff. They are very good to put your kitchen utensils like a blender, cooker, toaster, etc. Their size is about 3 cubic feet so may put whatever items fit in them.
    • Large boxes are normally used to put big sized stuff that is not so heavy. You can use these boxes to put paintings, lightweight toys, etc. An important point to note here is that the heavier items must be placed at the bottom of the box. You might want to consider the fact that large size boxes would cost more.
  • Next, there are special boxes called dish packs. They are specially designed to pack your fragile dishes. We know that you do not want to reach your new home with broken kitchenware. That is the reason we recommend you to use dish packs to keep your delicate dishes and kitchen items in these boxes. You can also bubble wrap them and place them insides these dish packs.
  • Plastic containers are another way to go. You will find many companies offering these instead of cardboard boxes. The comparatively expensive because of its durability. You can use these containers to keep precious things like wedding dresses or art-pieces. Another impressive thing about these boxes is that they are air-tight. So you do not need to worry about the weather effect on the items stored in them.
  • If you plan on carrying your mattress to your new home, then you can consider using the mattress box. We understand that you put a lot of thought when you first purchased the mattress. You wouldn’t want to leave it behind, would you? You can find a good mattress box that is specially designed for this purpose. It will keep your mattress intact and ready for you when you reach your new home.

Concluding Thoughts

Moving from one place to another is an exhausting feat. But you can make is pleasurable and stress-free, even when moving with kids, if you plan properly.

In this article, we covered an important aspect of selecting boxes. Although, there will be a lot more things to take care of besides packing your items, choosing a good packaging box is vital to the entire process.

We hope that this write-up helps you to choose appropriate boxes for packing your stuff for relocation.

Just remember that you find the boxes that are useful during the relocation process and are within your budget.

Get Ready To Box Up Your Stuff!