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How to Have a Delightful Experience While Moving With Your Dog? (A Fascinating Pet Guide)

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Wouldn’t you agree that pets are a part of your family? Especially dogs. Moving without them could never be right. Whether this your first time moving with them or it’s a repeat occasion, it does need proper preparation beforehand if you need to have a gratifying moving experience.

Of course, you can train them and carry along all the required food while moving. But relocating with dogs is not just limited to a few basic arrangements.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will show you in-depth measures and pre-preparation that you must undertake to ensure that your pets come along with you without any hassle.

While hiring the most reliable Adelaide removalist may help ease the process of moving, it is still highly suggested to prepare your pooch for the moving process.

It does require some effort from your side before you move so you need to be prepared. There are two ways to go along with this process. Be prepared and move conveniently or go unprepared and reach your new home exhausted.

Needless to say that everyone would opt for the first option. We promise you that once you are done reading this article, you will be relocating happily and storing things confidently with your dog.

The main aim of this article is to prepare you for your moving day with pets and also ensure that you have the most relaxing moving experience.

We humans find it stressful to move. We want to make sure nothing is missed, including the packing and preparing to be done perfectly. So just imagine the condition of your dog. To ease off this process, we have highlighted certain pointers to implement while moving with your dog.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Consult With Your Vet before Taking the Final Call of Shifting To another Location

Your dog’s vet would be in the best position to tell you when it is wise to move. Before relocating ensure to take your vet’s opinion about your dog’s medical health. Check with him whether your dog can bear the hassles during travel.

In-case, your dog has some medical condition going on like diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, gingivitis, etc. then carry along proper medication as per the advice of the vet.

Also, do not forget to carry the safety kit along. You never know when it comes handy.

Please make sure your doggie stays away from any action

Pooches are highly energetic. They need space to play around. However, when the days of shifting comes near it is important to keep them away from such activities. The reason being, they are susceptible to getting themselves injured or hurt.

You do not want your dog to face the discomfort or injury during the travel. This can be done by keeping them busy in their kennel. This is the place where you can keep their favourite chew toys so that they remain occupied.

Take care that you provide them with enough water and food supplies while keeping them in their kennel. If you do not have a kennel, then the next best option is to free up one of your rooms and keep the tyke over there.

Have a routine of your pet during the last days before relocating. This way, you do not have to train your pet again when you shift to a new place.

Physical exercise is important to tire your pooch on a moving day

When you make them tired before you start, you can be assured that they will probably rest during the journey.

Play with them or keep them busy running around before you are ready to go. Enough exercise would lower their energies and let them rest while you move.

Moreover, if you do this, then they will be quiet during the journey and would need minimum supervision and attention while you drive.

You can also expect them to reach in a happy mood and ready to start playing around again.

Never forget to pack their food and other essentials

Eat, play and love! Isn’t this what dogs are all about?

Before you get into your vehicle, keep your dog’s food at a reachable place. You might need to feed them more than once.

Carry along a little bit of extra food and water to ensure that you have sufficient in-case you get delayed somewhere. You don’t want to be wandering around if you finish off your dog food supplies. It might be difficult to get the same on the move.

Take frequent breaks if you are going by road, for yourself and your pooch

Everyone needs to relieve themselves at regular intervals. We understand that you wouldn’t want your dog to face any discomfort.

Make sure that you take regular breaks to allow them to defecate or pee. This would refresh them a bit and would make them less cranky.

If you want a pleasurable experience, this is one of the most important pointers to remember. Rest assured, you will thank us for this later!

Your Pet Needs To Remain inside the Vehicle Until You Arrive the Final Destination

While it is important to keep your dog safe, the vehicle you choose for shifting is equally crucial. Dogs are very jittery. Hence, you may find it difficult to follow this tip but it is very important.

Imagine your pooch jumping from the moving vehicle. Scary isn’t it? Moreover, your dog might get injured or get lost.

The best resort is to keep them safe inside their vehicle.

Practice Patience and love towards your dog during this transition

Not only would this be a new experience for you, but also your dog. They sense the changes and might behave differently. You need to be patient with them and comfort them.

Your affection towards dog would provide comfort and allow them to settle down with ease.

We understand that you might get tired or agitated. But make sure that you never resort to negative reinforcement techniques like beating your tyke or punishing them for barking.

This would confuse them as the new environment would make them overwhelmed and you never know how they would react.

The best thing is to use positive reinforcement techniques like pampering them with toys for good behaviour whenever they remain quiet. It would make them replicate this behaviour.

Final Thoughts

Moving with your dog is not an easy feat. But, with the tips mentioned in this write-up, you can be rest assured to make the shifting process as comfortable as possible for your tyke.

We hope that you have a memorable experience with your doggie and keep the unpleasant surprises at bay during the transition.

Have a bow-wow journey!