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A Cohesive Guide to a Delightful Moving Experience in South Australia

A Sensational New Chapter of Your Life

Isn’t it exciting that you are now moving to a new locality? It does come with certain challenges though. Let us help you maintain the same thrill when you plan to move your home items or other assets.

You might have heard this a lot – “Relocating is a difficult task”! Well, we think the exact opposite. The experience of interstate moving can be very stress-free  if you have a step by step guide that shows you how to plan for this.

When you succeed in planning, you are planning to succeed! That is very true in all instances including relocation.

In the coming sections, we would present a simple timeline that will act as your comprehensive gospel during the entire moving process.

Sure, you can make a few arrangements beforehand. This might include clearing your outstanding debts, keeping your finances intact, or disposing or donating stuff that you wouldn’t carry to your new residence.

Worry Not! We can assure you that once you are done reading this article, not only you will have an organised outlook towards moving, but you will also enjoy the entire process. Stay with us and read ahead!

Start at least two months before moving and finish these errands between week 6 and week 8

We call it the planning and preparing phase.

We understand your scepticism. Moving is not a one day job and requires many more tasks to be done in advance. It requires forethought and pre-planning that starts much before the actual moving date.

That is why you start way before the final moving day. Try to complete these tasks between week 6 and week 8.

  • The very first thing you should do make an inventory of all the things you would carry to your new place. This must be always kept handy. You should be able to add or remove the tasks from the list, so ideally, mobile or laptop would be great.
  • Start putting aside the stuff that you plan to give away or discard. You may even start a garage sale to make things easier for you.
  • Make a list of people you need to inform before you move. This maybe your friends, family, or employers.
  • Decide whether you need a professional to move your household items or you will do it by yourself. If you want to do it on your own, then start arranging for boxes to pack things. Be proactive!
  • Inform your landlord, if you live at a rented place. Giving prior notice is crucial. Check for any refund for your deposit that you might have paid and settle everything amicably. You know what they say – Affable solutions are the way to go!
  • Keep your finances in place. You should plan out how much money you would need for this entire exercise of moving. Arrange sufficient funds so that there are no surprises during the process.
  • If you plan to hire an expert mover company in South Australia, then start shortlisting. Do good research and then finalise on someone who is best for this job.
  • Make a proper plan to pack your stuff. Separate the delicate or fragile items and pack them likewise. Heavy and sturdy things should have different boxes. Talk to your mover about this and arrange the required packing boxes.

Post the Planning Phase, Move to Organising and Delegating Between Week 4 and Week 6

Now comes acting on those plans. Peruse your checklist and start making arrangements to follow through on the tasks.

  • Since you have researched and shortlisted the mover company now, it’s time to finalise the best one. Make arrangements to have them come and do an initial survey of items and agree on a quotation.
  • Re-check your list that you prepared initially and discuss with the mover company about the arrangement of boxes.
  • Label the boxes with a specific type of items like fragile, expensive items, photographs, etc.
  • This would be a good time to visit your friends and relatives or maybe arrange a gathering at your place before you say your goodbyes.
  • Make sure that you service your vehicle if you plan to drive to a new residence.
  • This would be a good time to research about your new community. Find our major attractions and interesting places.
  • Pack your items slowly on a daily basis so that you don’t have to pack everything in one go.

Be Pro-Active as there’s only one month to go before you move

The last four weeks would need you to be very active. You need to ensure to follow through on the following so that you don’t get anxious during the final days:

  • Collect all your important documents like birth certificates, license, passport, etc. and keep it somewhere safe. There are many good storage places you can find.
  • If you want moving insurance, then this would be the perfect time for it. Remember – a stitch in time, saves nine!
  • Making application to transfer your internet or cable plans should be done during this stage.
  • If you are moving with a pet, then get an ID collar for them. Also, ensure that they are vaccinated properly. Don’t forget to keep their vet records handy.
  • You need to check with your banks, creditors, the insurance company, etc. to change your address. Additionally, clear out your safety deposit vaults.
  • Have a handy list of emergency technicians for your new home.
  • Make arrangements to have your mails forwarded to the new address.

Final Day of Reckoning

  • Set an alarm on the previous night to start your day early.
  • Withdraw cash to tip your movers. A little generosity doesn’t hurt anyone!
  • Supervise the boxes being loaded on the truck and keep a check on the inventory.
  • Once the movers leave, make sure you check if anything is left behind.
  • Click a picture of the empty rooms to verify whether you have moved all essential things.
  • Say a final goodbye to your old home and prepare for the journey.

The Final Frontier

Isn’t it nice to have a plan ready before you move to a new place? We hope that this guide helps in relieving your anxiety, especially, during the moving day.

Every person has a special connection with their houses and it is not that easy to leave the memories behind. But new beginnings are always auspicious. Cheers to this saying and have a blast in your new home!