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Choosing the Right Long Term Storage Unit

As there are many providers offering similar services, choosing a good long-term storage unit may be a stressful and time-consuming affair. It might be tempting to simply go ahead with the very first one you come across while browsing the local service directory.

However, if your actual need to safely keep your valuable assets for long, it is vital to sign the deal with a reliable and expert storage service provider. Let’s see how.

Tip #1 – Reputation

The very first thing you have to consider while searching for a long term storage unit is the reputation of the firm. A firm gains its reputation over years of consistent quality service, and you can be reassured about their responsibility to delivery what they commit. Try to go through some unbiased reviews about the company from the individuals who have first-hand experience with the provider.

You can also enquire with your co-workers or relatives whether they have any experience dealing with long-term storage providers. Even if you don’t get any such positive feedback, you may be able to at least know whom all should be avoided while short-listing services.

Tip #2 – Insurance

Next, check whether the provider is offering any insurance for the goods stored over long term. While storing for long, you have to pay a larger sum, so to please the customers, many providers offer special insurance policies. Even if you need to pay a meagre percentage of the service fee as insurance premium, it is fully worth to consider for enjoying full peace of mind to get the cover during any unfortunate event of serious damage or loss of your property.

Tip #2 – See it to believe it

They may be telling you thousands of things over phone, but before getting into a deal with a long-term storage service provider, always visit the storage unit. As the need for storage is for long-term, you have to ensure that the;

  • Storage unit is fully leak-proof and will be no damage to your goods during wintertime.
  • The storage facility is climate controlled in order to ensure maximum protection to the goods stored.
  • Security features as surveillance monitoring, burglar protection, fencing, security guard etc.
  • Excellent customer support with dedicated telephone support and on call accessibility.

If you find any problem with the location or the features as you have seen, drop the option and consider others.

Tip #3 – Pricing

The cost of hiring storage space may vary based on several aspects as the size of the unit, duration of the storage, and add-on features as above. You have to try and get detailed quotes from different service providers, which makes it easier to compare the pricing and find out which offers the most cost effective service.

Make sure that there is no hidden cost to trouble you at a later stage. Once if you leave your items into the storage possessed by the provider, it is not that easy to remove it from there to another place.

After finding an adequate storage facility to go with, read through their terms and conditions carefully before signing the contract. Once done, you can start preparing for the storage by packing things as advised by the provider in order to move the goods safely to the storage unit.

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The module will always be kept in a secure warehouse – Fully alarmed and monitored;