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Choosing Climate Controlled Storage Units – Some Tips to Know

When you are planning to lock away your valuable things in storage units, it is essential to have full peace of mind about its safety and well being. Unlike the conventional warehouse concept, the new-age storage units are completely secure and foolproof against burglary.

However, some items are so vulnerable to climatic conditions and get damaged when exposed to extreme weather. The delicate items as phonographs, paper, clothing, and wooden materials etc. may get damaged if not protected from extreme heat, damp conditions, and other environmental effects.

Climate controlled storage

The ideal solution for safeguarding such materials is climate controlled storage units, which are air-conditioned and can keep a constant temperature inside. Such spaces are ideal for storing the delicate items, which are vulnerable to climatic changes.

The wall of climate controlled storage units are also well insulated the items are kept indoor at a well-finished building. Such storage also ensures the items are kept much cleaner and free of any dust or dirt.

Being isolated from the external world, the environment in climate controlled storage units are so clear and comfortable as inside your house. The storage units are also well sealed and there is optimum security and adequate lighting at such units.

Choosing climate controlled storage

If you are planning to hire a climate controlled storage, then there are some essential points to note, which we will discuss as below.

  • Your geographical region

    If you live at a geographic location where climate gets frequently changed, then adequate temperature control inside the storage unit is essential. The temperature and air condition inside climate controlled units will be pre-set according to the need of the external environment.

  • Accessibility

    Anytime accessibility to your storage unit is also very important. Sometimes, you may need regular access to the storage to get things out or put something in. So, make sure at the first point itself that you will be allowed easy and anytime access to the storage. If this is a priority, you should also choose a storage facility located close to your living, comfortable for you to frequently come and go.

  • Items to store

    Not all things require climate-controlled storage. The major items which specifically demand climate controlled storage include;

  1. Antique furniture
  2. Art and paintings
  3. Musical instruments
  4. Sport equipment
  5. Electrical products
  6. Electronic items as computers, video players, and television etc.
  7. Office files and other paperwork.
  8. Clothing etc.
There are many pharmaceutical companies also now use climate controlled storage units. Businesses largely use climate-controlled units to store archived documents.
  • Position – The position of your storage is important. In some facilities, all storage units are independent at the ground level. At some other places, the units may be arranged in different floors. If this is the case, you need to specify which floor you want and also need to check whether there is elevator facility to ensure easy transportation of goods to upper floors.

 Even on keeping your valuables in a climate controlled storage unit, you have to take care some basic safety tips as keeping the boxes off of the floor, covering them with dust sheets, tagging the boxes, and marking the fragile items and those need to be handled carefully. Also make sure that the heavier items are stored below the lighter items.

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