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Choosing 24 Hour Storage Facility – Some Tips to Consider

A quick overview of the tips;

To choose an ideal 24-hour storage facility;

  • First talk to the service executive or account manager.
  • Consider how good they are in customer service.
  • Visit the place and inspect the condition and specifications of the facility.
  • Ensure the security features.
  • Get a detailed quote.

To end up with the best service provider, you need to repeat these steps with various service providers. Once on getting enough information in hand, sit back and compare these to identify which will work the best for you.Warehouse Modules

24-hour Storage

The 24-hour self-storage facilities usually have various smaller and bigger garage-style units. This allows the customers to drive up to their individual storage unit to load or unload things. Some other units may have indoor access to individual units and facilities like elevators and trolleys to move goods.

Sometimes, it may be better to choose outdoor ground-level access to your unit whereas some other times, it will be okay to go with multi-level access. In any case, it is a must to do an in-person visit to the 24-hour storage facility to identify the features. Some points to ensure in order to assess the worthiness of the providers are;

  • 24 x 7 accessibility to the customers.
  • A security gate which can be only accessed by the customers.
  • Surveillance camera monitoring and proper lighting at the site.
  • On site security staff 24 hours.
  • No possibility of intrusion to rodents and pests.
  • Kept safe from moisture or flooding risks.

Cost should not be the only consideration while you are finalising the selection of a 24‑hour storage facility. Talk in detail with the staff in person to identify whether they have a customer friendly and open-minded approach. You can also look for reviews done by previous customers and check out with your friends and relatives whether they have any such previous experience.

Delco Self Storage

Your belongings will be free of damage and remain in prime condition;

Our safe and innovative storage modules are made of plywood and are slightly elevated from floor level, ensuring a steady airflow under and around the module – This effectively helps to keep things dry and free of mildew or mould accumulation;
The module seals well to prevent build-up of dust and mould.

You can store with us for as little or as long as you like and when you are ready for delivery, just call our office to arrange a delivery date. We will then forklift your module on to the delivery truck and our staff will unwrap and deliver all items into your home.

It’s that easy!