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An Ultimate Checklist to Help You Move with Comfort (A Handy Guide)

Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It is very common for people to get anxious when they have to move. Unplanned efforts are the basic reason for this apprehension and last-minute struggles.

If you are moving to a different place with all your household things, then we suggest you plan at least a few weeks prior to the actual moving date. Making a list of important tasks should be the first thing you should do.

Don’t you wish there was an easy way to go through the entire process?

Well, we have got some good news for you.

You can have a marvellous and enjoyable moving experience with Delco Removals. All you need is a couple of guidelines that will help you organise the shifting errands conveniently. Trust us, it is possible!

It would be just like a helping hand to you during the entire groundwork of transfer.

In the coming sections, we would list important steps that you could to your advantage while relocating.

We promise you that if you follow the simple guidelines that we have mentioned in the upcoming sub-sections, then you will save valuable time. Moreover, with the help of these pointers, you can also ensure that your efforts are in the right direction.

Let us not create more suspense and move right to the point!

The Only Way To Make Sense Out Of Change Is To Plunge Into It, Move With It, And Join The Dance.

We don’t want to set rules or give you steps to follow chronologically. The simple reason is that no two moves are the same.

Let us give you an example. You will find various guides that would talk about preparing six weeks or eight weeks in advance. Then they would give you a step by step points that you must follow during this phase.

The only problem with this type of checklist is that not everyone will have six or eight weeks to prepare. They might have a short notice before they relocate.

For the sake of convenience, we have divided the upcoming subsection into three stages where you will find the simple steps that you could follow during each stage:

Stage 1: There Are Certain Things To Take Care Of Before You Move And This Must Be Done A Few Weeks In Advance

  • Take a notepad, book or an electronic device where you can make a list of all the important tasks that you need to finish before you move.
  • Give notice your landlord and settle dues or collect the deposits.
  • Arrange for the make sure you look for the correct boxes, get the required number and start packing. You might want to label them and seal them with a proper adhesive tape.
  • Shortlist and finalise an established local removals services in Adelaide that can take care shifting your household items.
  • If you are moving with a family, then talk to your doctors about the required precautions.
  • Arrange for all the medication you might need during transit or even at the new home when you reach. You do not want to wander around near your new home in search of important medicines.
  • Moving with pets requires a lot of pre-planning. Ensure that you consult with the vet. Also, take care of your pet’s requirements before you move.
  • Start donating, selling or discarding the stuff that you will not carry into your new home.
  • Get your address changed at all required places like license, passport, post office, credit card, etc.
  • If you need, then buy a moving insurance. Your removalist can also help you with it.
  • Keep all the important documents like birth certificates, passports, medical files, etc. at a secure place where you can find them easily before the final packing.
  • Take professional help from packers if you need assistance.
  • Visit your relatives and friends or call them for a get-together before you move.
  • Start emptying your kitchen supplies and do not refill them.
  • Pay all your dues and make financial arrangements for the new place.

Stage 2: Moving Day Keeps You Rushed, So Read Ahead and Find Out How to Make It a Cheerful Day for You

  • Sleep soon the night before to get up fresh and early in the morning. This would give you enough energy to efficiently carry on with the day. Early to bed and early to rising, can make your moving day happy, safe and nice.
  • Make sure the removal company is on time so that they can start loading your household items.
  • Pack your meal and other supplies for the road. Do not forget an emergency medical kit. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Make sure that your required medical supplies are handy during the journey.
  • Close or lock the rooms that are emptied so that you do not have to check them again.
  • Empty your fridge and closet supplies.
  • Turn off the heater, AC, Gas, Water, etc.
  • Withdraw cash for emergencies during transit.
  • Tip your helpers. A good deed is always appreciated.
  • Lock all doors when everything in the house is taken care off.
  • Say a final goodbye to your house and get ready to move.

Stage 3: The Actual Move is Never Complete Till You Reach Your Destination

  • Enter your new home with a big smile on your face.
  • Inspect every room for cleanliness if you are not too tired.
  • Check if all the essential keys are working properly. If you find them damaged or feel unsecured with old locks, then put it in the priority list and have those changed soonest.
  • Make sure all the utilities like gas, water, electricity, etc. are working properly.
  • Allow your removalist unload all the stuff at proper places in your new residence. If needed, give them a small tour of the house along with instructions, so they know where to arrange your boxes and equipment.
  • Once the movers are done with putting back your items, please make sure to cross verify with the inventory list. Do let them know if anything is missing or damaged.
  • If all is good, then make the final payment to the removalists and bid them farewell.
  • If you are not too tired, then you may start unpacking and organising your things in their respective places.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has different moving experiences. So we cannot assume, what helped others would also help you.

The best way to make the most out of this gospel is to pick from the list what applies to you. However, certain suggestions are common, so you may put it in your checklist.

With prior planning, you can make this process smooth and engaging. We hope that after reading this particular blog you will have a gala moving experience.

Start your new journey with a smile!